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The Lardin Farm is located on Route 21 East on the outskirts of Masontown, Pennsylvania.  John Harrison applied to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a Warrant of Survey, which took place on September 18, 1769.  The area surveyed totaled 233 1/4 acres and allowances.  Upon payment of 49 pounds 17 shillings in a "agreement to accept" dated April 5, 1787, John Harrison received a land grant dated April 9, 1787.  This land Grant was signed by none other than "His Excellency Benjamin Franklin Esq., President of the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

For some reason, John Harrison named his parcel of land "Poor's Choice."  He built a small building on the property in 1769.  It was a common practice in those days to build habitations on property that had not yet been purchased from the Commonwealth.  At any rate this building is located at the back of the present farmhouse, and serves as the kitchen area.  Folklore has it that his oldest building served as a stop on the Underground Railroad.

In 1878, the property was sold to William Miller Lardin, who then built the front of the present day farmhouse.  The farm remained in the Lardin family for over a hundred years.

Today, the farmhouse is the site of the "Lardin House Inn," a delightful restaurant owned and operated by Bill Aupperle and Louise Blaker.  They welcome anyone interested in good food, served in a wonderfully historical setting.


1892 McClellandtown Road Masontown, Pennsylvania 15461 (724) 583-8310